A new category is born: Readings

Here are some readings which some of you might find helpful.

Christophe Felder: Pâtisserie ! : L’ultime référence
a must for the basics of french Pâtisserie and well explained through the photos accompanying the recipes.

Philippe Conticini: Sensations : 288 recettes de pâtisseries
my new Bible of recipes for the more advanced or the ones who don’t mind spending 5 hours in the kitchen baking. But it’s really worth every hour!

Trish Deseine: Je veux du chocolat
She does not need to be introduced anymore in France. The Irish lady gave the french food scene some freshness. Here it’s all about chocolate.

Trish Deseine: Petits Plats entre Amis
Here she gives ideas for diners in the kitchen, more chic or for two.

Angela Boggiano
: Tourtes et Pies
I wanted to get some inspiration for pot pies and other British traditional dishes. As I’m not soo much into meat, this is a bit disappointing. But for meaty pie lovers, a nice book to have at home.

John Pawson
: Living & Eating
a beautifully photographed lifestyle book. The recipes are international, French, British or Italian. It was voted the best cookbook of the year (2001) by the NY Times.

A new category is born: Readings

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