I belong to a family for which having people over for diner is a feast, where “political correct” regarding food doesn’t mean a great deal and a meal without red wine isn’t a “real” meal.

When you host, a 3 course-meal is the minimum you get, not including the aperitif nor salad and cheese that is, sometimes some strange dancing is involved too. In a word they enjoy life, where good food and good wine are very important parts of it!
This has very much contributed to what I cook or drink and how I perceive cooking – Food not only as a necessity but as a joyful and essential element of my life.

My curiosity for flavors started at a young age: born from a Breton mother and an Asian father, this mix from butter /crème fraîche based meals to soy sauce marinades was naturally on our table. It also developed through some time abroad in the USA, UK, China and now Germany. The restaurant jobs in London, Berlin and Marseille also broadened my knowledge of food and wine culture. All of this has provided me with countless and rich culinary experiences.

Baking is my line of work. I ended my training in French Pâtisserie at the ENSP (École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie) in France in 2012. Since then I have been working at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin, in Le Môle and le Petit Nice in Marseille, and am currently at Kofler&Kompany Berlin, as a Pâtissière.
My actual project focuses on my own work where food, creating recipes and photography play an essential role.

Along with Food, Photography has accompanied me for a very long time. It was only natural then to create this blog to combine both and share this with others and hopefully make your stomach growl!

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi

    Loved your – baking and photography. I am a self trained baker and have a small home based cake business where I mainly work onEntremets.

    Now I wish to start my own dessert shop where I am contemplating selling mini entremets.

    Happy to find your site.

    1. Thank you. It’s great to hear from you. Where are based?
      I wish you luck in your enterprise, I hope it works out good for you.
      Take care

  2. Your blog looks amazing !!!
    I can t wait trying your recipes!
    Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

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