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  1. Wow, Fabsi! hast Du die ganzen tollen Fotos geschossen? Mir läuft das Wasser bis nach Berlin! Wow. wow. wow. Superschöner Blog! Doris

  2. Dear Mrs. Dauplay,
    in the last “Effilee” I read the article about you and the pâte à choux. I would love to try the recipe from the article, but I do not know how to manage the making of the praliné. The words in german are: ” den Zucker im Topf schmelzen lassen, bis er karamellfarben wird…” – “melt the sugar until il gets the color of caramel”. This is not precise. Can you give me the meant degree Celsius or anything a little bit more detailed (soft ball, hard ball etc.)? In the next sentence it is said: “…Pistazien dazugeben, dann im Mixer zerkleinern, bis eine Paste entsteht.” When I normally give subjects like nuts in the hot sugar/caramell, the mass gets stickier (temperature falls for the moment) and cools down if I do not heat it anymore. The text in the article means for me that I should give the hot caramel with the nuts in a machine (which one in a normal household?) to crush it “until it is a paste” Is that correct ? Or should it be cool before crushed?
    Thank you for an answer – I would really want to try it because I´m just learning to make pâte à choux by trying some recipes from Julia Child and a very old cookbook from the Time Life series of the seventies.
    best wishes and sorry for possible incorrect english – I´m no native speaker 🙂

    Also nochmal auf Deutsch: Ich würde mich über eine Antwort sehr freuen und bleibe mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Almuth Starke-Duncker

    1. Hello, first of all, sorry for replying so late! I guess you must have tried the recipe already. If not, this might help you.

      First for the Praliné, you need to make a caramel. I do not use a thermometer because I can estimate when it’s good without one. But basically, the sugar melts, it gets dark and smoky. Turn down the temperature (on 3 at home), so that the caramel doesn’t burn but carries on melting. Once it’s melted, put it aside on a baking paper sheet placed on the rack, or if you, a silpat, which is a silicon matt.
      It has to cool down before use, of course.

      Roast the nuts in the oven until golden.
      Once both the ingredients are cold, put some nuts and some broken pieces of caramel in the mixer and mix until it starts becoming a paste. That is what makes the praliné. It’s very easy to make.
      I hope i could help. Let me know how it went.
      Good luck!

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