A Foodies Dream – Part Two: On the way to Food Camp in Cilento, Italy.

After our stay in Bolzano we made our way to the Cilento region, where Florian Siepert from Foodtri.ps organised the Food Camp Cilento 2011. For lunch we made a stop in Tuscany for some homemade Spaghetti Bolognese (which, as I learned later, isn’t proper for that you should use bigger pasta in order to stick to the meat sauce) and a Spritz at Il Conte Matto in Trequanda.

We spent 5 days in at the very nice Hotel Antonietta in San Marco di Castellabate which embodies the beautiful stereotype of how I imagine Italy: hills, sea, olive trees, warm nights, loud teenagers on the piazza and drunk Germans (I was among them) also on the piazza! Florian had organised for us to use the Hotel kitchen, so we cooked and ate on the premises.

We tasted wine from local vineyards, one we bought wine from, Bruno De Concilis, a Miles Davis fan who named his sparkling wine after him but spelled it backwards.
We were shown how to make ricotta cheese, foccacia, figs bread by Giovanna and Laetitia at the Agriturismo Corbella in the National Parc of Cilento.
We took part in making buffalo mozzarella at the Barlotti Farm, where we enjoyed our lunch at the farm while breathing through the mouth as the breeze would bring the smell of the stables towards us.
The trip also included visits to a local oil producer Olio Torretta, to the amazing pasta maker Guiseppe di Martino in Gragnano, who passionately talked about pasta and who produces 5 stars pasta, delivering to starred chefs. Thanks to him I will never see Pasta the same way.
Some of us went squid fishing and octopus hunting.
In a word, it was a fantastic, rich trip and great food topped with an amazing group.

To avoid overloading you with photos and text, I’ll split up the trip in several Posts.

Leaving Bolzano – hello Tuscany!

On the way from Bolzano to Tuscany.

Lunch at Il Conte Matto, homemade Spaghetti Bolognese and Aperol Spritz.

San Marco di Castellabate – Cilento, The Food Camp!

The first day at San Marco, we went food shopping at the Santa Maria Market and bought enough to feed more than 45 people for the evening. At the hotel, once everybody arrived, once the introductions were made and the groups formed (to decide who cooks what and when) we were to meet in the kitchen and start cooking.

After the shopping in Santa Maria, we headed back to the hotel where we prepared a meal for the whole group. Here, cleaning the fish, which we stuffed with herbs and grilled. It turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

Some cooked in the kitchen, some on the roof top of the hotel…la dolce vita!

The antipasti group, on the left with Natalie Simons from blog Pastasciutta. They prepared delicious grilled vegetables and bruschetta.

Homemade pasta with clams and herbs.

Giovanna Voria at the Agriturismo Corbella in the National Parc of Cilento:

Homemade orrechiette, fusilli, tagliatelle or linguine aren’t a secret for us anymore. We got to taste fried pizza dough with roasted tomatoes, braised salad with olives, figs bread, ricotta cheese with bays or confit orange, marinated fresh figs in wine and chickpeas in chocolate and bay leaf. The warm breeze, the beautiful landscape of the National Parc, the setting of the place almost made us forget the shooting noise in the background from the bore hunting.

A Foodies Dream – Part Two: On the way to Food Camp in Cilento, Italy.

A Foodies dream – Part One: On the way to Food Camp, a stop in Bolzano.

There we are, all packed ready to go to Italy for 5 days of Food Camp, cooking, drinking, visiting local food and wine producers….(I’ll talk about that in a next post)
But before we drive all the way down to the Cilento area, we are stopping in Bolzano in South Tyrol first to visit friends and discover the area. It happened to be the perfect transition before going to Italy without speaking Italian. In Bolzano you can speak both German and Italian.

The amazing panorama view over Bolzano from the Gasthof Lipp.

Typical soup of the area, the Frittaten Suppe, a consomme with crepes / pancake.

Bolzano’s main productions are apples and wine. I’ve never seen so many apple fields in my life.

Specialty of the area and what has become my favorite summer drink, the “Hugo”: Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine), sparkling water, Elderflower syrup, a few mint leaves, a slice of lemon and ice cubes. It is delicious, refreshing and pretty addictive. We also had foccacia with roasted tomatoes, crunchy, juicy, lovely!

If you fancy ice-cream visit Paolo Coletto, the owner of the “Officina del Gelo Avalon“.
He is an institution in Bolzano and has been making ice-cream since 30 years. His talent and love for quality products, he inherited from his mother who gave him her 6 ice-cream recipes. Today he’s created hundreds of them, using mainly local as well as organic ingredients. Even the cups he uses are not made of plastic but out of corn starch. He is passionate and evolves all the time.
This is one of the best ice-creams I have ever had, the flavours are “real” and intense, the texture is very creamy. We stayed and chatted with him for quite a while, the guys were waiting outside, getting impatient.
Paolo IS a character, travels a lot to India and south east Asia, is inspired by his Guru and says that each time he comes back from one of his trip, he is different, he has changed and therefore has to change the recipe of his ice-cream.

Locals chilling while eating ice-cream. In the cup: chocolate and cream of milk

“I am Ice” fits pretty well to his philosophy inspired by his Guru.

The shop. The flavours lit are available.

All Photographs and content © Fabienne Dauplay

A Foodies dream – Part One: On the way to Food Camp, a stop in Bolzano.