Quick and easy baking – Banana bread


I have tried many recipes of banana breads, but this one is the best.
It is from the “Plenty More” cooking book for Yotam Ottolenghi, a bible that I am sure many of you have at home. It is easy and quick to make and is a great breakfast or snack.

I just changed a couple of things, I usually use less sugar than given in the recipes, I used Olive oil as a vegetable oil, added spices and used less flour but added wheat germs to the preparation.

The texture is light and moist, it’s really delicious.

Pre-heat your fan oven on 170c°

1- In a Kitchen Aid or bowl mix
2 handfuls of organic almonds previously roasted in the oven.
3 large ripe bananas mashed.
200g brown sugar.
3 eggs.
1/2 a tsp nutmeg, cinnamon, lime leaves powders.
1 tsp vanilla powder.

2- Add
140ml milk.
70g olive oil.

3- Then add
255g flour.
20g wheat germs.
6g baking powder.

Mix well and pour the preparation into a cake form with baking paper.

Bake for 40 min on 170c° and approx. 25 min on 150c°. Check with a knife if the middle of the bread comes out dry. It’s ready. Enjoy!

Quick and easy baking – Banana bread

Joey Passarella from Louis Pretty cooking at FvF

above table_1

I have known Joey for a long time, we worked together at Nosh in Prenzlauer berg over a decade ago.
We would argue on a daily basis and he would kick me out of his kitchen but our tempers at work did not influence our friendship and respect for each other.

After completing his cooking school in NYC, he moved to Berlin and worked in various restaurants such as Spindler&Klatt, Grill Royal as a sous-Chef and then moved on to the famous first Berlin Deli “Mogg&Melzer” on August Straße in the Jüdische Mädchenschule where he used his new york background to create the recipes which made this Deli the place to be in Berlin.






























As they went separate ways, Joey joined Oskar Melzer to set up Maxie Eisen in Frankfurt and Louis Pretty on Ritterstraße 2 in Kreuzberg, open since February 2016.
The signature dish remains the pastrami sandwich which made their Mitte location popular throughout the city.

On that wednesday, I was invited to photograph Joey and Julian from Louis Pretty while they were making lunch for the team from Freunde von Freunden (FvF) , to present their “Thursday Dinners” events starting at the end of August at Louis Pretty’s.










Joey will design a 3-4 course menu, offering a different setting at the Deli’s in the evenings than during the day. The menu will be seasonal using local and organic products but will also highlight collaborations such as Fritz Blomeyer’s cheese or Sonnenreich Weine.

On today’s menu we had:


Sandwich: Broiled salmon salad with buttermilk pickled cucumber and dill
Main: Flank Steak, Jalapenos, chimichurri sauce and fried onions
Salad: Rucola salad, raspberries, parmesan chips, roasted peanuts and a
raspberries dressing
Dessert: Caramelized peaches with chocolate mousse















Check out the recipes on the article at FvF. It was a great day, the food was delicious and I’ll make sure to be there on Thursdays as well as for their Sunday Brunch.

Joey Passarella from Louis Pretty cooking at FvF

Pop Up Dinner

I would like to thank every body who came to our dinner Pop Up Dinner on saturday. It was great. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
We will keep you posted for the next one. Have a great day! Fabienne
Pop Up Dinner

Yummy Veggie Club meets Fabàtable Saturday the 28th of May@Agora

Thanks everybody for your interest! We’d like to ask everybody who hasn’t already done so to confirm your reservation by sending a quick email to fab@fabatable.com – your name and how many people you’d like to come with. If possible by Thursday 26th, if you need more time please let us now too. We’re getting ready and very excited to host you next Saturday! Anne & Fab

Yummy Veggie Club meets Fabàtable Saturday the 28th of May@Agora

Fabàtable meets Yummy Veggie Club @ Agora Café Berlin Neuköln on the 28th of May

flyer Agora final

Yummy Veggie Club and Fabàtable are hosting a special evening, bringing together our passions for vegetarian food and desserts.

You will find a half/half menu, with an amuse-bouche, 2 savories and 2 desserts:

Coleslaw, peanuts & wasabi
Leek-soy-ginger fresh ravioli, delicate veggie broth & crunchy vegetables
Baba au rum asian style, yuzu-lemon grass-rum sirup & citrus cream
Red fruits soup, caramelized almonds, fresh fruits & coriander granité

The price for the menu is 30 EUR (excluding drinks). We will serve selected wines from the Burgundy and Beaujolais regions selected by Nicolas Drouhin from Déjà Bu.

Seats are limited to 30 people, and they’ll be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
If you wish to partake, send us an email to fab@fabatable.com until the 20th of May. We will let you know if you are in and send you the payment details, asking you kindly to pay in advance by bank transfer.

Thank you for your support!

See you there.

Fabàtable meets Yummy Veggie Club @ Agora Café Berlin Neuköln on the 28th of May

Madeleine, Blueberries and Lemon Mousse Cake


After being asked many times to give the recipe of this cake, it took me a while..sorry about that!  but rather late than never….
This recipe was for 2 circle forms of 18cm.
It might look complicated but it is not.
I would be really happy to see your creations after making it. Cheers!
Have fun…

Madeleine biscuit :

125gr  powder sugar
125gr  almond powder
225gr  soft butter
95gr    egg yolks
225gr  eggs
20gr    lemon zests
Place the ingredients in a KA bowl and mix for 10 minutes.

60gr flower
12gr  baking powder
Add them to the previous mixture.

50gr  egg whites
5gr    sugar
Make a meringue and add to the rest of the mix.

Spread evenly onto a baking paper, place on a baking tray. Baking time: 12minutes on 175c°

Blueberries marmelade :

300gr  frozen blueberries
60gr    sugar
20gr    lemon juice
Place the ingredients in a pan and cook until 40c°.

5gr      pectin nh
15gr    sugar
Add to the fruit puree at 40c° and cook to boil for 1 minute.
Then place in a bowl, film to the surface and let cool in the fridge. When cooled, spread the marmelade on the madeleine cake and place in the freezer.

Lemon cream :

250gr  lemon juice
Bring to a boil.

250gr  sugar
310gr  eggs
25gr starch (cream powder or potato starch)
Mix together, add a 1/3 from the lemon juice and again the whole egg lemon mix to the lemon juice in the pan, bring to a boil while mixing with a whip. Set aside.

5gr    gelatin
25gr  water
Place the gelatin to soften in the water. Add to the lemon cream.

250gr cold butter
Cut in pieces and add to the lemon cream and blend with a hand mixer. Pour in a dish.
Set aside and allow to cool. With a cling film put the dish in the fridge. It will be thick.

Lemon Mousse :

500gr of the lemon cream
Place in KA and mix with flat beater in order to “relax” the cream.

3gr   gelatin
Hydrate the gelatin with water. Once soft, let it melt in a pan, take a bit of the lemon cream and mix with gelatin then pour the whole mix into the lemon cream and mix. Make sure that the T° of the lemon cream and gelatin isn’t too cold once you add it back to the lemon cream in the KA. If it did not dissolve well, place the KA on water bath and keep mixing until it’s homogeneous.

350gr  whipped cream
Add the whipped cream to the lemon cream, with a whip and then a spatula.
Put the mousse in a piping bag and nozzle.

Prepare your form:

Place a rhodoid sheet or baking baker inside the form. You can stick it with water on the inside of the form or fat spray.
Cut the madeleine cake with the form or knife, place it at the bottom of the form.
Then pipe some of the lemon cream. Then pipe the lemon cream etc..
We had 3 layers of madeleine cake and cream. Freeze.
I topped the cream with some glaze from Valrhona and some yellow colour. Just warm it up in a pan, I usually add a bit of water.
We surrounded the cake with a chocolate sheet, but you can cover the sides of the cake with some mousse left over, freeze it and just glaze the whole cake.


Madeleine, Blueberries and Lemon Mousse Cake

Plated dessert – Chocolate truffle cake, cardamon-chocolate ice cream, white chocolate puffed rice, blueberries


In January 2015 I joined the Kofler&Kompanie Team in Berlin, which is one of the biggest caterer in Germany. I am in charge of the pastry.
I wanted to try catering, a world which I did not know, to enrich my experience and train to prepare desserts on a large scale. It is a great experience, full of challenges and exciting places to discover the city.

I find plating fascinating as well as difficult. I get my inspiration from the countless talented Pastry Chefs who are out there. It is exciting to see what’s happening in different places in the world. One of my daily inspiration, I get on http://www.chefstalk.com/, which is an online platform for chefs.

The dessert today is the chocolate cake my family loves and asks me to make when I go home. It’s easy and quick to make. So enjoy!

Truffele tarte_3_cropped





















For a 20cm Tin form – serves 6-8 Persons
The crust:
150g Butter cookies Leibniz
100g Melted butter
1 Egg white

Pre-heat the oven on 170c°.
Put the butter cookies in a blender and blend until they become a crumble texture.
In a kitchen aid, put the crushed cookies, add the melted butter, the egg white, vanilla and salt. Mix until homogeneous.
Butter the tin form. Place the dough in the form and flatten it to form a flat surface. You can use your hands, I do it with a spoon in a glass of water, it helps get a more even surface.
Bake for 6min.
You’ll have some dough left. I baked it and used it as a crumble for the plating.

In the meantime make the cream:
227g Dark Chocolate
90g Butter
90g Crème Fraîche or crème double
110g Whole eggs
50g Sugar

Place the chocolate and the butter in a metal bowl and allow to melt on a water bath.
Once melted, beat the eggs and the sugar. Add the mixture to the chocolate, then the crème fraîche. Mix.
Pour the mix onto the crust.

Baking: 180c° 20-25min
It should still be wobbly when coming out of the oven. Let to set.
Serving: sprinkle some cacao powder with a sieve.

Sour cream with powder sugar and vanilla for the spread and the dots.

White chocolate puffed rice :
Melt 50g of white chocolate with 10g of cacao butter and mix 30g (+/-) of puffed rice .
Mix until the rice and the chocolate are well combined. Pour onto a tray covered with baking paper and let cool.

To be honest with you, I don’t have an ice cream machine at home. I make it at work.
If anybody has a chocolate ice cream recipe for a machine, I’m more than happy to share it here.

Chocolate-cardamon Ice cream 1x paco jet bowl à 750g:
23g milk powder
23g sugar
200g liquid cream
307g milk
8 green cardamons buds
38g glucose
23g egg yolk
23g sugar
3g stabilizer
108g dark chocolate

Milk, cardamon and cream in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Let set for 15 min. Add the milk powder and the sugar then the glucose. Then bring again to a boil.
Sugar, stabilizer and egg yolk: whisk.
When the milk and cream have boiled, add a third to the egg yolk, mix well, then place back in the pan. Make an anglaise (83c°).
When it has reached the T°, take the pan away from the heat and carry on whisking. Place a sieve above the chocolate bowl and pour the anglaise onto the chocolate.

Pour the mixture in a paco jet bowl and let freeze overnight.
Process in the paco jet an hour before serving.

Truffletarte _7_cropped

50g of frozen blueberries
10g sugar
15g glucose
Juice of a lime

Let the blueberries slowly thaw on a water bath, covered with a plastic film.
Sieve the fruits and place the juice in a pan with the rest of the ingredients.
Reduce until it thickens.

tarte truffe_done

Plated dessert – Chocolate truffle cake, cardamon-chocolate ice cream, white chocolate puffed rice, blueberries

Pop up – Yummy Veggie Club


The event was sold out on evenbrite!
The girls behind the vegetarian blog Yummy Veggie Club, Anne and Élodie, did it – they hosted yesterday their first pop up at Oui Madame, a french venue in Berlin Mitte, owned by Jean-Baptiste and his wife Julia.
I pass by the place regularly, but often believe it is closed. Jean-Baptiste opens it for events, spontaneous evenings or on requests. It is a familiar, cosy place and can host up to 50 people.

Last night, the Yummy Veggie Club put together a vegetarian 4 course meal for 20€.
It started with a delicious macaron filled with cheese, pears and walnuts, followed by a radicchio salad toped with a fine almond-mint-spring onion pesto, apples, beetroot chips and goat cheese.
The main course: roasted beetroots, potatoe puree, spinach leaves and lemon gelée.
Last but not least, the dessert: olive oil orange cake served with fresh orange filets, orange curd, kumquats and an almond cookie.

I personally had a great time hanging out in the kitchen. Of course they were very focused and nervous wether the food would be well received, but at the same time pretty relaxed and having a good time.

Anne created her food blog last summer. Since she is a vegetarian herself, she decided to post recipes as a logbook of her dishes, together with her friend Élodie, who is in charge of the sweet part for she is a passionate pâtissière.
Both mothers and working women, they also manage to bake and cook in their free time as well as putting together a dinner for 30 people. Well done!

the-girlsmacaron starter_1 starter_2 the girlsservice-mainthe-girls-at-work_3evening-mood_1evening-mood_2dessertsthe end_2the end_1

Pop up – Yummy Veggie Club

Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

“We have to stop drinking less”.
The Schluck Magazin (magazine dedicated to wine) crew – Paul Truszkowski and Julia Klüber – did it again, Winevibes Volume 12 took place at the Glashaus next to the Arena in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The idea is simple:  bring wine makers and a younger clientele together in a less formal environment, like a club or a pop up bar.
They create this platform twice a year in various places in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Check out their website here.
The entrance fee was 49€ and you can try as many wines as you like as well as talk to the wine producers, have a bite to eat (for a little extra). That night we had oysters and a wagyu beef burger.

I got to try some very nice sparkling wines, one of them I found particularly interesting, non alcoholic from Jörg Geiger.
The alliance of tastes reminded me of some perfumes: apples, elderflower, thyme, rosemary / berries, roses and mint / apple, pear, walnuts and coffee.
Another favorite of the evening, and I was not the only one as their booth was pretty busy: Lämmlin-Schindler from southern Germany.

I find the idea interesting and I certainly support initiatives which place a product in a different context while bringing people together.
Paul and Julia are very passionate about promoting wines. Paul works at Wine in Black,  Julia has her own business Weinbureau, they organise events and are working on the second issue of Schluck Magazin, coming out, I believe, in the spring.




















Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

If you are in town this weekend and have not planned anything yet on saturday evening, why not enjoy some oysters, a glass of bubble wine from Germany or Spain, chill by the Spree or dance… Paul Truszkowski, a wine expert and blogger, organises a bubble wine tasting in a club. I like the idea.
Check it out there: http://winevibes.de/


Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin