Pop up – Yummy Veggie Club


The event was sold out on evenbrite!
The girls behind the vegetarian blog Yummy Veggie Club, Anne and Élodie, did it – they hosted yesterday their first pop up at Oui Madame, a french venue in Berlin Mitte, owned by Jean-Baptiste and his wife Julia.
I pass by the place regularly, but often believe it is closed. Jean-Baptiste opens it for events, spontaneous evenings or on requests. It is a familiar, cosy place and can host up to 50 people.

Last night, the Yummy Veggie Club put together a vegetarian 4 course meal for 20€.
It started with a delicious macaron filled with cheese, pears and walnuts, followed by a radicchio salad toped with a fine almond-mint-spring onion pesto, apples, beetroot chips and goat cheese.
The main course: roasted beetroots, potatoe puree, spinach leaves and lemon gelée.
Last but not least, the dessert: olive oil orange cake served with fresh orange filets, orange curd, kumquats and an almond cookie.

I personally had a great time hanging out in the kitchen. Of course they were very focused and nervous wether the food would be well received, but at the same time pretty relaxed and having a good time.

Anne created her food blog last summer. Since she is a vegetarian herself, she decided to post recipes as a logbook of her dishes, together with her friend Élodie, who is in charge of the sweet part for she is a passionate pâtissière.
Both mothers and working women, they also manage to bake and cook in their free time as well as putting together a dinner for 30 people. Well done!

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Pop up – Yummy Veggie Club

Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

“We have to stop drinking less”.
The Schluck Magazin (magazine dedicated to wine) crew – Paul Truszkowski and Julia Klüber – did it again, Winevibes Volume 12 took place at the Glashaus next to the Arena in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The idea is simple:  bring wine makers and a younger clientele together in a less formal environment, like a club or a pop up bar.
They create this platform twice a year in various places in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Check out their website here.
The entrance fee was 49€ and you can try as many wines as you like as well as talk to the wine producers, have a bite to eat (for a little extra). That night we had oysters and a wagyu beef burger.

I got to try some very nice sparkling wines, one of them I found particularly interesting, non alcoholic from Jörg Geiger.
The alliance of tastes reminded me of some perfumes: apples, elderflower, thyme, rosemary / berries, roses and mint / apple, pear, walnuts and coffee.
Another favorite of the evening, and I was not the only one as their booth was pretty busy: Lämmlin-Schindler from southern Germany.

I find the idea interesting and I certainly support initiatives which place a product in a different context while bringing people together.
Paul and Julia are very passionate about promoting wines. Paul works at Wine in Black,  Julia has her own business Weinbureau, they organise events and are working on the second issue of Schluck Magazin, coming out, I believe, in the spring.




















Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

If you are in town this weekend and have not planned anything yet on saturday evening, why not enjoy some oysters, a glass of bubble wine from Germany or Spain, chill by the Spree or dance… Paul Truszkowski, a wine expert and blogger, organises a bubble wine tasting in a club. I like the idea.
Check it out there: http://winevibes.de/


Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

At the 20, Rue de Douai, Paris 9th

Walking on the Rue de Douai, heading down to a shop we heard of, I passed the numerous guitars shops lining up on the street, then I see this place: the Retoucherie Cité.
I looked inside and saw two men sawing clothes, the TV was on on the right, the shiny jackets on the left.
I didn’t dare disturbing them at first and went on by. But I went back , asked if I could photograph them. We chatted for a while. It was a wonderful encounter.
The two men are cousins, Yilmaz Ibrahim, the boss, has been living in France since 30 years. He’s been working at the atelier for 6 years. They make clothes for the theaters and cabarets of the area. Their customers are artists but also inhabitants of the area.

Obviously, the thought of the place closing down for the rent is too high exists.
This would be a real shame, as these small places at the heart of Paris are what makes the city so interesting and alive: it brings together a mix of people, of cultures, of various social backgrounds and craftsmanship.
I wish them all the best.

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At the 20, Rue de Douai, Paris 9th

Paris 9th – Dinner at Ito Chan, Japanese restaurant

Wandering the streets in Paris is one of my favorite passtimes. Walking around without goal and discovering places, meeting people.
We discovered the little japanese restaurant Ito Chan, in the Saint-George area down Pigalle.
We loved the interior, the small size of the place and the reduced menu which is very affordable. There are a few options, the plate with either meat/fish/vegetarian and 3 sides for 12€ or a delicious Ramen soup also with toppings for 11€.

The service is very friendly and Chef Take brings out the food himself, which he prepares in his tiny kitchen. The food, the dedication and the enthusiasm of Take and his team made me want to write about them.

Ito Chan exists since December 2014. After a great year Take and his partner bought the shop next door and turned it into a Japanese Tapas bar, only open in the evening.
Take was born in Paris from a Japanese mother and a mixed Asian father. His parents have a restaurant in the 9th where Take used to work. This was a great training since he is Chef of his place at only 27 and creates the recipes of the Tapas bar Ito Izakaya.

We had a wonderful time and I’ll make sure to pop in again on my next trip.

This is part of a series I am working on – portraits of people who move me through their initiative, their creativity and craftsmanship. I’d like to support their work by presenting some of them.


portraits team




shoshu soup_1


fotos au mur


take veste chef


Ito Chan
2, Rue Pierre Fontaine
75009 Paris
No reservation

Paris 9th – Dinner at Ito Chan, Japanese restaurant

Dinner at KOPPS in Berlin

KOPPS, in Berlin, is a vegetarian restaurant on Linienstrasse in Mitte. My friend David tried it a while ago already with a friend, a big meat fan, who liked it and as I don’t enjoy meat much, I gave it a shot.

Many Berlin’s restaurants offer at least one vegetarian dish on their menu. One could think it might be difficult to meet the wishes of the customers in search of vegetarian or vegan food only. Apparently, it is not. As a good example is Cookies Cream, it’s been around for years.

Anyways, KOPPS was packed on that evening. The service was friendly, the place was nice, cosy and comfortable.
The food was simple but good. I must say that the choice on the à la carte menu was somewhat a bit thin for my taste considering that I didn’t want the Easter Menu, as David was ordering it.
The 2 critics I could make about my food though, is that there was barely any dressing on my salad, which made it taste fade and no or not enough cheese on my risotto. That said, here are some impressions of the dinner..

As a starter, I had the apple salad with herbs from the area:


David had the mushrooms terrine with salad:

Beetroot risotto

Beetroot medaillons

Chocolate lava cake

Chocolate and strawberry cream


For our dinner, including a bottle of red wine and a bottle of water, we paid 102€, which is fair, but if you consider that you only have vegetables on your plate and you could pay the same bill at das Lokal a bit further, we found it a bit pricy.
But hey! I did enjoy the place and I am glad I got to know it.
I can recommend this restaurant:

KOPPS Bar & Restaurant
Linienstraße 94
10115 Berlin

Tel 030 432 097 75
Fax 030 253 295 49

Dinner at KOPPS in Berlin