A Foodies Dream – Part Three: Food Camp in Cilento, Italy. The wrap up.

The Food Camp Cilento was a great experience, with many interesting people sharing the same passion, cooking together and hanging out. I’m very much looking forward to a Food Camp 2012!!! Cheers Florian!

Here is a quick roundup of the remaining events

Radicchio braised in balsamic vinegar and honey. As it became quite bitter we added butter.

Some of us cleaned the squid…

Appetizer, grilled bread and lard.

The table was set every evening. A group went truffle hunting and came back with a whole bag full and crazy stories… Right: eggs with truffle.

Stevan Paul from NutriCulinary made a roast and stuffed it with truffles and pine nuts.

Torsten Goffin and I made a tart using figs in red wine, wild fennel, ricotta cheese, honey and lavender.

Visit at the Olio Torretta

Buffalo Mozzarella at the Barlotti Farm

We had lunch at the farm, then were shown how to make buffalo mozzarella, which wasn’t as I expected it to be. Very superficially explained, they add rennet (enzymes) into the buffalo milk, which coagulates it; then slice the coagulated milk, put it into a machine, then into hot water to melt it into the mozzarella texture and shape it using their hands.”

Encounter with Giuseppe di Martino in Gragnano at his pasta factory

Giuseppe di Martino moved us all with his passion for pasta. His pasta brand “Pastificio dei Campi” is the preferred pasta of some of the top chefs in Italy and increasingly in the whole world. We won’t see pasta the same way ever again!

The pasta box shows the farmers who cultivated the wheat, the people who packed the pasta and where the wheat field is located, thanks to GPS coordinates on the box. Giuseppe is revolutionizing the production of pasta giving it a personal touch, with a highly qualitative production chain.

The pasta on the left, prepared with meat, vegetables and mozzarella. On the right with sea food.

The last evening, the pasta fiesta

The last evening was a pasta night. We made Tagliatelle, Farfalle, Orrechiete, Gnocchi and Raviolis.

Truffles and handmade Tagliatelle.

Handmade raviolis on the left. On the right, Torsten Goffin from Glasklare Gefühle prepared a truffle-buffalo butter.

Tasty fluffy gnocchi. Parmesan tiles.

We made Orecchiete and some mixed the ink into the dough and made black Farfalle.

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A Foodies Dream – Part Three: Food Camp in Cilento, Italy. The wrap up.

Filled Radicchio Rolls with Tapenade deviled eggs

Once again we are having friends over for diner. It is funny how we tend to look up to the US for inspiration. After Gourmet Magazine there is also the New York Times for its Health Food section:

While browsing their website this recipe inspired my husband for a starter: he combined the Radicchio Recipe with the boiled egg with a heart of tapenade and presented them on a bed of ruccola with toasts.

Both combined work really well. The saltiness of the anchovies and olives with the sweetness of the ricotta, the nutty walnuts, it was all very interesting and unusual.

It tastes delicious, is simple to make and is a perfect starter. With 2-3 rolls you’re satisfied enough to be able to wait for the next course for 25min without losing your patience or starving.

Chop the walnuts – add the egg yolks to the ricotta.

Once the radicchios are softened by the hot water and chilled by the icing water, dry them and fill with the ricotta.

Roll the radicchio leaf

Place in a baking dish and bake with Parmesan.

Filled Radicchio Rolls with Tapenade deviled eggs