At the 20, Rue de Douai, Paris 9th

Walking on the Rue de Douai, heading down to a shop we heard of, I passed the numerous guitars shops lining up on the street, then I see this place: the Retoucherie Cité.
I looked inside and saw two men sawing clothes, the TV was on on the right, the shiny jackets on the left.
I didn’t dare disturbing them at first and went on by. But I went back , asked if I could photograph them. We chatted for a while. It was a wonderful encounter.
The two men are cousins, Yilmaz Ibrahim, the boss, has been living in France since 30 years. He’s been working at the atelier for 6 years. They make clothes for the theaters and cabarets of the area. Their customers are artists but also inhabitants of the area.

Obviously, the thought of the place closing down for the rent is too high exists.
This would be a real shame, as these small places at the heart of Paris are what makes the city so interesting and alive: it brings together a mix of people, of cultures, of various social backgrounds and craftsmanship.
I wish them all the best.

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