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Fabàtable meets Yummy Veggie Club @ Agora Café Berlin Neuköln on the 28th of May

Yummy Veggie Club and Fabàtable are hosting a special evening, bringing together our passions for vegetarian food and desserts. You will find a half/half menu, with[…]

At the 20, Rue de Douai, Paris 9th

Walking on the Rue de Douai, heading down to a shop we heard of, I passed the numerous guitars shops lining up on the street, then I[…]

Paris 9th – Dinner at Ito Chan, Japanese restaurant

Wandering the streets in Paris is one of my favorite passtimes. Walking around without goal and discovering places, meeting people. We discovered the little japanese restaurant Ito[…]

In Berlin, again….

Yes, I know, I have not been writing for a very long time…. I spent the last year working at Le Môle in Marseille, which[…]

Les Restos du Coeur at Le Mole Passédat, Marseille

Le Mole Passédat hosted the charity event Les Restos du Coeur a couple of sundays ago. Chefs Passédat, Troisgros, Portos and Charial and their teams[…]

La Nuit Magazine launch at the WAAW bar, Marseille

La Nuit Magazine launched their new website last wednesday. The party and presentation took place yesterday at the WAAW bar in Cours Julien. La Nuit[…]

Favorite desserts from the WA

Before I left, Chef Pelloie was working on new desserts for the restaurant. It was a real pleasure taking part in the creation process. I[…]

Changes……..from Berlin to Marseille

I know, I have not been very effective at writing since last time…..But I have good reasons for that! It’s been a very good year,[…]

A new beginning

Who said that 40’s are the new 30’s? well it is fantastic that one can change her/his life and start something new. I chose to[…]

Modern entremets and a vanilla raspberries Charlotte…

Here are some of the latest delicacies we made in the last few months. I will add more photos and recipes in the coming posts.[…]