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Joey Passarella from Louis Pretty cooking at FvF

I have known Joey for a long time, we worked together at Nosh in Prenzlauer berg over a decade ago.We would argue on a daily[…]

Pop Up Dinner

I would like to thank every body who came to our dinner Pop Up Dinner on saturday. It was great. I hope you enjoyed it[…]

Yummy Veggie Club meets Fabàtable Saturday the 28th of May@Agora

Thanks everybody for your interest! We’d like to ask everybody who hasn’t already done so to confirm your reservation by sending a quick email to[…]

Fabàtable meets Yummy Veggie Club @ Agora Café Berlin Neuköln on the 28th of May

Yummy Veggie Club and Fabàtable are hosting a special evening, bringing together our passions for vegetarian food and desserts. You will find a half/half menu, with[…]

Pop up – Yummy Veggie Club

The event was sold out on evenbrite! The girls behind the vegetarian blog Yummy Veggie Club, Anne and Élodie, did it – they hosted yesterday their[…]

Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

“We have to stop drinking less”. The Schluck Magazin (magazine dedicated to wine) crew – Paul Truszkowski and Julia Klüber – did it again, Winevibes[…]

Winevibes Vol.12 at the Glashaus, 14th of November in Berlin

If you are in town this weekend and have not planned anything yet on saturday evening, why not enjoy some oysters, a glass of bubble[…]

Les Restos du Coeur at Le Mole Passédat, Marseille

Le Mole Passédat hosted the charity event Les Restos du Coeur a couple of sundays ago. Chefs Passédat, Troisgros, Portos and Charial and their teams[…]

La Nuit Magazine launch at the WAAW bar, Marseille

La Nuit Magazine launched their new website last wednesday. The party and presentation took place yesterday at the WAAW bar in Cours Julien. La Nuit[…]

Changes……..from Berlin to Marseille

I know, I have not been very effective at writing since last time…..But I have good reasons for that! It’s been a very good year,[…]