Joey Passarella from Louis Pretty cooking at FvF

above table_1

I have known Joey for a long time, we worked together at Nosh in Prenzlauer berg over a decade ago.
We would argue on a daily basis and he would kick me out of his kitchen but our tempers at work did not influence our friendship and respect for each other.

After completing his cooking school in NYC, he moved to Berlin and worked in various restaurants such as Spindler&Klatt, Grill Royal as a sous-Chef and then moved on to the famous first Berlin Deli “Mogg&Melzer” on August Straße in the Jüdische Mädchenschule where he used his new york background to create the recipes which made this Deli the place to be in Berlin.






























As they went separate ways, Joey joined Oskar Melzer to set up Maxie Eisen in Frankfurt and Louis Pretty on Ritterstraße 2 in Kreuzberg, open since February 2016.
The signature dish remains the pastrami sandwich which made their Mitte location popular throughout the city.

On that wednesday, I was invited to photograph Joey and Julian from Louis Pretty while they were making lunch for the team from Freunde von Freunden (FvF) , to present their “Thursday Dinners” events starting at the end of August at Louis Pretty’s.










Joey will design a 3-4 course menu, offering a different setting at the Deli’s in the evenings than during the day. The menu will be seasonal using local and organic products but will also highlight collaborations such as Fritz Blomeyer’s cheese or Sonnenreich Weine.

On today’s menu we had:


Sandwich: Broiled salmon salad with buttermilk pickled cucumber and dill
Main: Flank Steak, Jalapenos, chimichurri sauce and fried onions
Salad: Rucola salad, raspberries, parmesan chips, roasted peanuts and a
raspberries dressing
Dessert: Caramelized peaches with chocolate mousse















Check out the recipes on the article at FvF. It was a great day, the food was delicious and I’ll make sure to be there on Thursdays as well as for their Sunday Brunch.

Joey Passarella from Louis Pretty cooking at FvF

Fabàtable meets Yummy Veggie Club @ Agora Café Berlin Neuköln on the 28th of May

flyer Agora final

Yummy Veggie Club and Fabàtable are hosting a special evening, bringing together our passions for vegetarian food and desserts.

You will find a half/half menu, with an amuse-bouche, 2 savories and 2 desserts:

Coleslaw, peanuts & wasabi
Leek-soy-ginger fresh ravioli, delicate veggie broth & crunchy vegetables
Baba au rum asian style, yuzu-lemon grass-rum sirup & citrus cream
Red fruits soup, caramelized almonds, fresh fruits & coriander granité

The price for the menu is 30 EUR (excluding drinks). We will serve selected wines from the Burgundy and Beaujolais regions selected by Nicolas Drouhin from Déjà Bu.

Seats are limited to 30 people, and they’ll be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
If you wish to partake, send us an email to until the 20th of May. We will let you know if you are in and send you the payment details, asking you kindly to pay in advance by bank transfer.

Thank you for your support!

See you there.

Fabàtable meets Yummy Veggie Club @ Agora Café Berlin Neuköln on the 28th of May

Pop up – Yummy Veggie Club


The event was sold out on evenbrite!
The girls behind the vegetarian blog Yummy Veggie Club, Anne and Élodie, did it – they hosted yesterday their first pop up at Oui Madame, a french venue in Berlin Mitte, owned by Jean-Baptiste and his wife Julia.
I pass by the place regularly, but often believe it is closed. Jean-Baptiste opens it for events, spontaneous evenings or on requests. It is a familiar, cosy place and can host up to 50 people.

Last night, the Yummy Veggie Club put together a vegetarian 4 course meal for 20€.
It started with a delicious macaron filled with cheese, pears and walnuts, followed by a radicchio salad toped with a fine almond-mint-spring onion pesto, apples, beetroot chips and goat cheese.
The main course: roasted beetroots, potatoe puree, spinach leaves and lemon gelée.
Last but not least, the dessert: olive oil orange cake served with fresh orange filets, orange curd, kumquats and an almond cookie.

I personally had a great time hanging out in the kitchen. Of course they were very focused and nervous wether the food would be well received, but at the same time pretty relaxed and having a good time.

Anne created her food blog last summer. Since she is a vegetarian herself, she decided to post recipes as a logbook of her dishes, together with her friend Élodie, who is in charge of the sweet part for she is a passionate pâtissière.
Both mothers and working women, they also manage to bake and cook in their free time as well as putting together a dinner for 30 people. Well done!

the-girlsmacaron starter_1 starter_2 the girlsservice-mainthe-girls-at-work_3evening-mood_1evening-mood_2dessertsthe end_2the end_1

Pop up – Yummy Veggie Club

Les Restos du Coeur at Le Mole Passédat, Marseille

Le Mole Passédat hosted the charity event Les Restos du Coeur a couple of sundays ago. Chefs Passédat, Troisgros, Portos and Charial and their teams cooked for the event.
We assisted the Valrhona team to plate the desserts. It was a great opportunity to look at other Chefs working and try some very fine food. What a great evening!

For the ones who are not familiar with the MUCEM, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, openend its doors last year for the Cultural Year as Marseille was elected one of the capital of Culture. The MUCEM hosts also the restaurants La Table, La Cuisine and the Cafe Saint Jean.

I joined the pastry team last January. We produce pastries and desserts for the whole place, which means a lot of work, which means I learn a lot.  I also do the service for the restaurant and the lunch buffet. The kitchen team, led by Chef Moreno, is young and very professional. Working in France is proving to be a great learning experience from the pace and quality of work point of view, but also it is interesting and enriching to see my home country after so many years spent abroad!!

I had the chance to photograph the evening, backstage……

The three Chefs: Chefs Passédat, Moreno (Le Môle) and Maillet (Le Petit Nice)


kitchenfoodChefs Portos, Troisgros and Passédat waiting to send the food at the pass.




DSC_1580Chef charial






La Nuit Magazine launch at the WAAW bar, Marseille

La Nuit Magazine launched their new website last wednesday. The party and presentation took place yesterday at the WAAW bar in Cours Julien. La Nuit Magazine is an online platform for all news and events regarding the marseille night life. As it was said in the presentation of the team, they are a young team and want to move marseille. That project deserves to be supported!





La Nuit Magazine launch at the WAAW bar, Marseille

Changes……..from Berlin to Marseille

I know, I have not been very effective at writing since last time…..But I have good reasons for that! It’s been a very good year, and I can only hope that it carries on….So many things have been happening. In 1 word: We left Berlin to move to Marseille 2 months ago!

I had been looking for a new job in France. Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Valence..After sending a large number of applications, I ended up at le Petit Nice, a 3* restaurant and institution in Marseille. It didn’t quite go as I expected, especially after working at the Waldorf Astoria with Chef Pelloie, it was kind of a cultural choc. So I decided to stop.
But we fell in love with Marseille and tried to stay. Which we are now. These were intense, stressful months but hopefully worth it.

That’s how it all started: after spending some time back in Berlin following the pastry school Graduation, I delivered “Mogg&Melzer” where my friend Joey Passarella prepares Berlin’s  best pastrami sandwich. I delivered lemon meringue tarts and chocolate truffle cakes. We also took part in the Art Fair abc. That was crazy and a lot of fun, but also made me do calculations and food costs which is a good exercise.
Then I applied at the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin which was about to open. My interview was conducted by the French Pastry Chef Nicolas Pelloie, who has been working for Pierre Gagnaire for over 10 years. It was important for me to work with a French Chef to carry on applying what I had learned at school. And it worked out!
It was very lucky, because this was my first experience in the real world after school, in a 5* Hotel and a starred Chef’s Kitchen. You usually need a minimum of one year experience. Since I was super motivated and my age was no problem, as it is in many places, mainly in Paris, let’s be honest…..Nicolas gave me my chance.
I started in October 2012. It was an exciting experience to join this team, and the Pierre Gagnaire’s team for the gastronomic restaurant “Les Solistes“.

Even though the hotellerie business was not my thing at first, I soon realized that you can learn a lot in a short period of time there, given that you do interesting work are not only there to peel apples. But you should know what you want and always ask to be shown and do new things. You can learn every day.
We produced the pastries for the cake shop, the afternoon teas, for the banquets and made the mise en place for the fine dining restaurant. It was a very busy year. Do not count the hours. For a few months I barely slept nor had any rhythm at all. But the team was fantastic and made the hard times turn into fun days and nights.

I was very lucky to work with Chef Nicolas who taught me a LOT, who was my coach for a year, shared his passion and his great jokes…….MERCI!!
The first experience after school is very important as it should not put you off the business. I’m sure some expected something else than what it actually is. But I must say, my girls from our little group at school are all very successful and love what they do.

I’d like to share some of the great stuff we’ve made over the year at the restaurant, with Chef’s agreement…..I’ll put some more photos in a coming post. But for now…….

Our petits fours: dulcey crèmeux tartlet, rose marshmallow, lemon cream in opaline, chocolate martha with redcurrant jelly and apple pâte de fruit.

Chocolate soufflé with pistachio parfait, blackcurrant sorbet, chocolate sauce, tartlet with caramelia whipped cream.

Tandoori apple tartlet and pink opaline.

Some of my favorite desserts. The wild strawberries Mille-Feuille and the chocolate soup, yogurt mousseline, pear sorbet and roasted almonds.

Changes……..from Berlin to Marseille

Culinary Wednesday NeugrünsKöche – Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Wednesday evenings have never been as pleasant than since the restaurant NeugrünsKöche organises the culinary wednesday, a lively evening where a mixed crowd enjoys a 7 course meal, all that for 26€.  The price is of course an extra appeal to dine at this cosy place in Prenzlauer Berg, but I find the evenings to be fun and a smart opportunity to enjoy fine food.
You attend the evening not only to discover flavours, you are there to take part in the event, to taste a meal prepared by 2 cooks while the waiters make you feel at home.

Since the plates start coming at around 20h00, get there at 19h30.
The atmosphere is relaxed and playful, you engage a conversation with your table neighbors you have never met before…All of a sudden it gets quieter, the food is coming. Small plates are being handed over, the waiters announce the dish, the guests “hmmm” or discuss after each fork, you feel like a child waiting to discover what’s going to be on the next plate.

While having the last drop of wine left in your glass or sipping a hazelnut snaps, the kitchen team comes out in the room. This is a great moment, full of gratefulness – with a large smile on their faces, the guests applaud and cheer.
You leave content and looking forward to the next culinary wednesday.


Breaded scallop with a melon salad.

Tomatoe filled with eggplant on a couscous salad. Vegetarian broth.

Safran pancake with goat’s cheese & walnuts, raspberry sauce. Lime-avocado sorbet with a crustacea foam.

Filet of cod, celery mash, mussels with mangold.

Of course, having dinner with social networkers/freelancers is a whole program, if you have something to say, you’d better say it fast and chose the right moment.

Elderberries sorbet with a lemon coulis, hazelnut cake.

I don’t eat much meat myself, so far I’ve been lucky, there was mainly fish. But I would suggest you ask before you book a table. Also, the evening is often booked out, so book early….

Neugrüns Köche
Schönhauser Allee 135 A
D-10437 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

Telefon: 030 44 01 20 92

Menue available online at 5pm
Opened: Tuesday to Saturday at 6pm
U2 – U-Bahnhof Eberswalder Straße

Culinary Wednesday NeugrünsKöche – Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

A Foodies Dream – Part Three: Food Camp in Cilento, Italy. The wrap up.

The Food Camp Cilento was a great experience, with many interesting people sharing the same passion, cooking together and hanging out. I’m very much looking forward to a Food Camp 2012!!! Cheers Florian!

Here is a quick roundup of the remaining events

Radicchio braised in balsamic vinegar and honey. As it became quite bitter we added butter.

Some of us cleaned the squid…

Appetizer, grilled bread and lard.

The table was set every evening. A group went truffle hunting and came back with a whole bag full and crazy stories… Right: eggs with truffle.

Stevan Paul from NutriCulinary made a roast and stuffed it with truffles and pine nuts.

Torsten Goffin and I made a tart using figs in red wine, wild fennel, ricotta cheese, honey and lavender.

Visit at the Olio Torretta

Buffalo Mozzarella at the Barlotti Farm

We had lunch at the farm, then were shown how to make buffalo mozzarella, which wasn’t as I expected it to be. Very superficially explained, they add rennet (enzymes) into the buffalo milk, which coagulates it; then slice the coagulated milk, put it into a machine, then into hot water to melt it into the mozzarella texture and shape it using their hands.”

Encounter with Giuseppe di Martino in Gragnano at his pasta factory

Giuseppe di Martino moved us all with his passion for pasta. His pasta brand “Pastificio dei Campi” is the preferred pasta of some of the top chefs in Italy and increasingly in the whole world. We won’t see pasta the same way ever again!

The pasta box shows the farmers who cultivated the wheat, the people who packed the pasta and where the wheat field is located, thanks to GPS coordinates on the box. Giuseppe is revolutionizing the production of pasta giving it a personal touch, with a highly qualitative production chain.

The pasta on the left, prepared with meat, vegetables and mozzarella. On the right with sea food.

The last evening, the pasta fiesta

The last evening was a pasta night. We made Tagliatelle, Farfalle, Orrechiete, Gnocchi and Raviolis.

Truffles and handmade Tagliatelle.

Handmade raviolis on the left. On the right, Torsten Goffin from Glasklare Gefühle prepared a truffle-buffalo butter.

Tasty fluffy gnocchi. Parmesan tiles.

We made Orecchiete and some mixed the ink into the dough and made black Farfalle.

If you wish to have more insights and impressions about the Food Camp and you speak German, check out the following blogs:

Paul Fritze from Einfach Lecker Essen
Stevan Paul from NutriCulinary
Torsten Goffin from Glasklare Gefühle
Nata from Pastachiutta
Ina from Little Jamie

A Foodies Dream – Part Three: Food Camp in Cilento, Italy. The wrap up.

A Foodies Dream – Part Two: On the way to Food Camp in Cilento, Italy.

After our stay in Bolzano we made our way to the Cilento region, where Florian Siepert from organised the Food Camp Cilento 2011. For lunch we made a stop in Tuscany for some homemade Spaghetti Bolognese (which, as I learned later, isn’t proper for that you should use bigger pasta in order to stick to the meat sauce) and a Spritz at Il Conte Matto in Trequanda.

We spent 5 days in at the very nice Hotel Antonietta in San Marco di Castellabate which embodies the beautiful stereotype of how I imagine Italy: hills, sea, olive trees, warm nights, loud teenagers on the piazza and drunk Germans (I was among them) also on the piazza! Florian had organised for us to use the Hotel kitchen, so we cooked and ate on the premises.

We tasted wine from local vineyards, one we bought wine from, Bruno De Concilis, a Miles Davis fan who named his sparkling wine after him but spelled it backwards.
We were shown how to make ricotta cheese, foccacia, figs bread by Giovanna and Laetitia at the Agriturismo Corbella in the National Parc of Cilento.
We took part in making buffalo mozzarella at the Barlotti Farm, where we enjoyed our lunch at the farm while breathing through the mouth as the breeze would bring the smell of the stables towards us.
The trip also included visits to a local oil producer Olio Torretta, to the amazing pasta maker Guiseppe di Martino in Gragnano, who passionately talked about pasta and who produces 5 stars pasta, delivering to starred chefs. Thanks to him I will never see Pasta the same way.
Some of us went squid fishing and octopus hunting.
In a word, it was a fantastic, rich trip and great food topped with an amazing group.

To avoid overloading you with photos and text, I’ll split up the trip in several Posts.

Leaving Bolzano – hello Tuscany!

On the way from Bolzano to Tuscany.

Lunch at Il Conte Matto, homemade Spaghetti Bolognese and Aperol Spritz.

San Marco di Castellabate – Cilento, The Food Camp!

The first day at San Marco, we went food shopping at the Santa Maria Market and bought enough to feed more than 45 people for the evening. At the hotel, once everybody arrived, once the introductions were made and the groups formed (to decide who cooks what and when) we were to meet in the kitchen and start cooking.

After the shopping in Santa Maria, we headed back to the hotel where we prepared a meal for the whole group. Here, cleaning the fish, which we stuffed with herbs and grilled. It turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

Some cooked in the kitchen, some on the roof top of the hotel…la dolce vita!

The antipasti group, on the left with Natalie Simons from blog Pastasciutta. They prepared delicious grilled vegetables and bruschetta.

Homemade pasta with clams and herbs.

Giovanna Voria at the Agriturismo Corbella in the National Parc of Cilento:

Homemade orrechiette, fusilli, tagliatelle or linguine aren’t a secret for us anymore. We got to taste fried pizza dough with roasted tomatoes, braised salad with olives, figs bread, ricotta cheese with bays or confit orange, marinated fresh figs in wine and chickpeas in chocolate and bay leaf. The warm breeze, the beautiful landscape of the National Parc, the setting of the place almost made us forget the shooting noise in the background from the bore hunting.

A Foodies Dream – Part Two: On the way to Food Camp in Cilento, Italy.