Hello Etsy Berlin

“A Summit on Small Business and Sustainability: Hello Etsy” was taking place in major cities in the USA, in London, Paris, Brussels, Helsinki but also in Berlin.

This was a great event this week end at ewerk in Berlin: a gathering to get tips and tricks on how to grow a small business in sustainable ways.

I am certain that many of the ones who attended the event will agree that this has been a wonderful source of inspiration as well as motivation to see the number of people who want to get out there and be in charge of their lives, to hear the various stories of entrepreneurs and the challenges they faced but succeeded. We had the chance to listen to (among many others) Chad Dickerson CEO of Etsy.com, the hilarious and so British founder of the Idler Tom Hodgkinson, Emma Jones from Enterprisenation.com based in the UK supporting small businesses, Rachel Bremer on good PR and Eleanor Mayrhofer on project management.

There was such a positive energy that I’m sad it is already over!

But I’ll stop writing and will post some pictures so that you get an idea of the event. If you are interested, you can also watch the sessions on Live streaming videos on their website.

The Food, here the Lunch box was organized by Johannes Emken from Organiced Kitchen in Berlin

Organizer of the event – Matt Stinchcomb. Tom Hodgkinson, author of the books How to Be Free
and How
to Be Idle

Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy.com

Emma Jones, founder and CEO of Enterprise Nation

The Control Room

Amina Moreau on Photography

Eleanor Mayrhofer on Project Management

Chilling out on the roof

All the images above © Fabienne Dauplay

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