Dinner at KOPPS in Berlin

KOPPS, in Berlin, is a vegetarian restaurant on Linienstrasse in Mitte. My friend David tried it a while ago already with a friend, a big meat fan, who liked it and as I don’t enjoy meat much, I gave it a shot.

Many Berlin’s restaurants offer at least one vegetarian dish on their menu. One could think it might be difficult to meet the wishes of the customers in search of vegetarian or vegan food only. Apparently, it is not. As a good example is Cookies Cream, it’s been around for years.

Anyways, KOPPS was packed on that evening. The service was friendly, the place was nice, cosy and comfortable.
The food was simple but good. I must say that the choice on the à la carte menu was somewhat a bit thin for my taste considering that I didn’t want the Easter Menu, as David was ordering it.
The 2 critics I could make about my food though, is that there was barely any dressing on my salad, which made it taste fade and no or not enough cheese on my risotto. That said, here are some impressions of the dinner..

As a starter, I had the apple salad with herbs from the area:


David had the mushrooms terrine with salad:

Beetroot risotto

Beetroot medaillons

Chocolate lava cake

Chocolate and strawberry cream


For our dinner, including a bottle of red wine and a bottle of water, we paid 102€, which is fair, but if you consider that you only have vegetables on your plate and you could pay the same bill at das Lokal a bit further, we found it a bit pricy.
But hey! I did enjoy the place and I am glad I got to know it.
I can recommend this restaurant:

KOPPS Bar & Restaurant
Linienstraße 94
10115 Berlin

Tel 030 432 097 75
Fax 030 253 295 49

Dinner at KOPPS in Berlin

Culinary Wednesday NeugrünsKöche – Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Wednesday evenings have never been as pleasant than since the restaurant NeugrünsKöche organises the culinary wednesday, a lively evening where a mixed crowd enjoys a 7 course meal, all that for 26€.  The price is of course an extra appeal to dine at this cosy place in Prenzlauer Berg, but I find the evenings to be fun and a smart opportunity to enjoy fine food.
You attend the evening not only to discover flavours, you are there to take part in the event, to taste a meal prepared by 2 cooks while the waiters make you feel at home.

Since the plates start coming at around 20h00, get there at 19h30.
The atmosphere is relaxed and playful, you engage a conversation with your table neighbors you have never met before…All of a sudden it gets quieter, the food is coming. Small plates are being handed over, the waiters announce the dish, the guests “hmmm” or discuss after each fork, you feel like a child waiting to discover what’s going to be on the next plate.

While having the last drop of wine left in your glass or sipping a hazelnut snaps, the kitchen team comes out in the room. This is a great moment, full of gratefulness – with a large smile on their faces, the guests applaud and cheer.
You leave content and looking forward to the next culinary wednesday.


Breaded scallop with a melon salad.

Tomatoe filled with eggplant on a couscous salad. Vegetarian broth.

Safran pancake with goat’s cheese & walnuts, raspberry sauce. Lime-avocado sorbet with a crustacea foam.

Filet of cod, celery mash, mussels with mangold.

Of course, having dinner with social networkers/freelancers is a whole program, if you have something to say, you’d better say it fast and chose the right moment.

Elderberries sorbet with a lemon coulis, hazelnut cake.

I don’t eat much meat myself, so far I’ve been lucky, there was mainly fish. But I would suggest you ask before you book a table. Also, the evening is often booked out, so book early….

Neugrüns Köche
Schönhauser Allee 135 A
D-10437 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

Telefon: 030 44 01 20 92
E-mail: neugruens@t-online.de
Website: http://www.neugruenskoeche.de

Menue available online at 5pm
Opened: Tuesday to Saturday at 6pm
U2 – U-Bahnhof Eberswalder Straße

Culinary Wednesday NeugrünsKöche – Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Tomoko from Okawari at Prinzessinnengärten

The Prinzessinnengärten exist since the summer 2009, a project initiated by the Nomadisch Grün. This empty space in the middle of an urban area, Moritz Platz in Kreuzberg, has been transformed into an organic community, an urban garden where education and food meet.

After working in Tokyo, Tomoko Yamane moved to Berlin in 2009. She created Okawari, a catering service where her creativity is applied at its best: the Japanese finesse takes its form in the taste as well as in the beautiful presentation of the plates.
I have been one of the lucky ones to savour her delicious Bento boxes, which she delivers herself once a week.
Her cooking can be enjoyed at vernissages and events in Berlin. For more infos look at her website or register on her Facebook page.

Tomoko is part of the Prinzessinnengärten initiative. She cultivates Japanese vegetables and uses them in her recipes.
That night (still in summer!) she prepared a wonderful dinner: Vegetable chips (sweet potatoe, purple potatoe and beetroot); dress carrot, mizuna with creamy tofu and edame; garden vegetables, seaweed, sesame miso soup; garden salad with a ginger-honey dressing;  Japanese herbs onigiri (ball sushi) with grilled bio salmon in a yuzu-kosyo marinade . See for yourself…

All Photographs and content © Fabienne Dauplay

Tomoko from Okawari at Prinzessinnengärten

Hello Etsy Berlin

“A Summit on Small Business and Sustainability: Hello Etsy” was taking place in major cities in the USA, in London, Paris, Brussels, Helsinki but also in Berlin.

This was a great event this week end at ewerk in Berlin: a gathering to get tips and tricks on how to grow a small business in sustainable ways.

I am certain that many of the ones who attended the event will agree that this has been a wonderful source of inspiration as well as motivation to see the number of people who want to get out there and be in charge of their lives, to hear the various stories of entrepreneurs and the challenges they faced but succeeded. We had the chance to listen to (among many others) Chad Dickerson CEO of Etsy.com, the hilarious and so British founder of the Idler Tom Hodgkinson, Emma Jones from Enterprisenation.com based in the UK supporting small businesses, Rachel Bremer on good PR and Eleanor Mayrhofer on project management.

There was such a positive energy that I’m sad it is already over!

But I’ll stop writing and will post some pictures so that you get an idea of the event. If you are interested, you can also watch the sessions on Live streaming videos on their website.

The Food, here the Lunch box was organized by Johannes Emken from Organiced Kitchen in Berlin

Organizer of the event – Matt Stinchcomb. Tom Hodgkinson, author of the books How to Be Free
and How
to Be Idle

Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy.com

Emma Jones, founder and CEO of Enterprise Nation

The Control Room

Amina Moreau on Photography

Eleanor Mayrhofer on Project Management

Chilling out on the roof

All the images above © Fabienne Dauplay

Hello Etsy Berlin

The “Bäckerei” – Berlin Mitte

Hidden on Schröder strasse, a quiet street in the middle of a residential area of Mitte, we enjoyed the fresh spring breeze on the terrace of the “Bäckerei”. It belongs to the restaurant opposite “Alpenstück” which opened a few years ago. They both offer a variety of south German specialties such as Kässspätzle or Maultaschen, but whereas the restaurant only opens in the evening, the “Bäckerei” takes over the day shift.
Along with breakfast (Pretzel with butter, the selection of cheese and salamis plate), home-made baking goods and cakes, which are prepared on the premises one can also have lunch and choose from the weekly menu as well as the daily specials.
It is a very pleasant place to be, the locals come in to buy bread, cakes or a bottle of wine and if you can make it before 7pm enjoy a glass of Prosecco while reading the newspaper.


Schröderstraße 1, 10115 Berlin
Open Monday – Friday from 7am to 7pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 6pm

The “Bäckerei” – Berlin Mitte

Pret à diner, Alte Münze Berlin

Berlin is busy, Berlinale is going on. We are lucky to have some great places in the city to create a culinary event such as “pret a diner”, a temporary restaurant at the “Alte Münze” where coins used to be minted. Every week for 35 days, a starred chef cooks. Last night we got the chance of getting a reservation. We enjoyed a beautiful 3-meal course and very good wine. The place, food, service, the whole event was a hit. Looking forward to the next one.

I had roasted vegetable, artichoke filled with goats cheese, followed by an amazing white onion, lime leaves curry and Moroccan spices soup served in a glass with a milk and salt froth. My main was a couscous with almonds, raisins and a few vegetables. The meat eaters had the ox shoulder with potato mash and vegetables tower.
Dessert was also a feast.  The chocolate-chili fondant was quite spicy, the mango parfait and the mango ice cream refreshed the taste buds from the spiciness of the chocolate. A very interesting combination.

The space in which it was organized was an experience for itself. It took us a little while before finding the entrance, hidden in the back of an alley. The dark and cold corridors, the curtains and candle light gave a mysterious touch to it.

Alte Münze
Am Krögel 2 (back entrance -> Neue Jüdenstraße/Am Krögel 2)
10179 Berlin

Pret à diner, Alte Münze Berlin