Pret à diner, Alte Münze Berlin

Berlin is busy, Berlinale is going on. We are lucky to have some great places in the city to create a culinary event such as “pret a diner”, a temporary restaurant at the “Alte Münze” where coins used to be minted. Every week for 35 days, a starred chef cooks. Last night we got the chance of getting a reservation. We enjoyed a beautiful 3-meal course and very good wine. The place, food, service, the whole event was a hit. Looking forward to the next one.

I had roasted vegetable, artichoke filled with goats cheese, followed by an amazing white onion, lime leaves curry and Moroccan spices soup served in a glass with a milk and salt froth. My main was a couscous with almonds, raisins and a few vegetables. The meat eaters had the ox shoulder with potato mash and vegetables tower.
Dessert was also a feast.  The chocolate-chili fondant was quite spicy, the mango parfait and the mango ice cream refreshed the taste buds from the spiciness of the chocolate. A very interesting combination.

The space in which it was organized was an experience for itself. It took us a little while before finding the entrance, hidden in the back of an alley. The dark and cold corridors, the curtains and candle light gave a mysterious touch to it.

Alte Münze
Am Krögel 2 (back entrance -> Neue Jüdenstraße/Am Krögel 2)
10179 Berlin

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