Plated dessert – Chocolate truffle cake, cardamon-chocolate ice cream, white chocolate puffed rice, blueberries


In January 2015 I joined the Kofler&Kompanie Team in Berlin, which is one of the biggest caterer in Germany. I am in charge of the pastry.
I wanted to try catering, a world which I did not know, to enrich my experience and train to prepare desserts on a large scale. It is a great experience, full of challenges and exciting places to discover the city.

I find plating fascinating as well as difficult. I get my inspiration from the countless talented Pastry Chefs who are out there. It is exciting to see what’s happening in different places in the world. One of my daily inspiration, I get on, which is an online platform for chefs.

The dessert today is the chocolate cake my family loves and asks me to make when I go home. It’s easy and quick to make. So enjoy!

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For a 20cm Tin form – serves 6-8 Persons
The crust:
150g Butter cookies Leibniz
100g Melted butter
1 Egg white

Pre-heat the oven on 170c°.
Put the butter cookies in a blender and blend until they become a crumble texture.
In a kitchen aid, put the crushed cookies, add the melted butter, the egg white, vanilla and salt. Mix until homogeneous.
Butter the tin form. Place the dough in the form and flatten it to form a flat surface. You can use your hands, I do it with a spoon in a glass of water, it helps get a more even surface.
Bake for 6min.
You’ll have some dough left. I baked it and used it as a crumble for the plating.

In the meantime make the cream:
227g Dark Chocolate
90g Butter
90g Crème Fraîche or crème double
110g Whole eggs
50g Sugar

Place the chocolate and the butter in a metal bowl and allow to melt on a water bath.
Once melted, beat the eggs and the sugar. Add the mixture to the chocolate, then the crème fraîche. Mix.
Pour the mix onto the crust.

Baking: 180c° 20-25min
It should still be wobbly when coming out of the oven. Let to set.
Serving: sprinkle some cacao powder with a sieve.

Sour cream with powder sugar and vanilla for the spread and the dots.

White chocolate puffed rice :
Melt 50g of white chocolate with 10g of cacao butter and mix 30g (+/-) of puffed rice .
Mix until the rice and the chocolate are well combined. Pour onto a tray covered with baking paper and let cool.

To be honest with you, I don’t have an ice cream machine at home. I make it at work.
If anybody has a chocolate ice cream recipe for a machine, I’m more than happy to share it here.

Chocolate-cardamon Ice cream 1x paco jet bowl à 750g:
23g milk powder
23g sugar
200g liquid cream
307g milk
8 green cardamons buds
38g glucose
23g egg yolk
23g sugar
3g stabilizer
108g dark chocolate

Milk, cardamon and cream in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Let set for 15 min. Add the milk powder and the sugar then the glucose. Then bring again to a boil.
Sugar, stabilizer and egg yolk: whisk.
When the milk and cream have boiled, add a third to the egg yolk, mix well, then place back in the pan. Make an anglaise (83c°).
When it has reached the T°, take the pan away from the heat and carry on whisking. Place a sieve above the chocolate bowl and pour the anglaise onto the chocolate.

Pour the mixture in a paco jet bowl and let freeze overnight.
Process in the paco jet an hour before serving.

Truffletarte _7_cropped

50g of frozen blueberries
10g sugar
15g glucose
Juice of a lime

Let the blueberries slowly thaw on a water bath, covered with a plastic film.
Sieve the fruits and place the juice in a pan with the rest of the ingredients.
Reduce until it thickens.

tarte truffe_done

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