Madeleine, Blueberries and Lemon Mousse Cake


After being asked many times to give the recipe of this cake, it took me a while..sorry about that!  but rather late than never….
This recipe was for 2 circle forms of 18cm.
It might look complicated but it is not.
I would be really happy to see your creations after making it. Cheers!
Have fun…

Madeleine biscuit :

125gr  powder sugar
125gr  almond powder
225gr  soft butter
95gr    egg yolks
225gr  eggs
20gr    lemon zests
Place the ingredients in a KA bowl and mix for 10 minutes.

60gr flower
12gr  baking powder
Add them to the previous mixture.

50gr  egg whites
5gr    sugar
Make a meringue and add to the rest of the mix.

Spread evenly onto a baking paper, place on a baking tray. Baking time: 12minutes on 175c°

Blueberries marmelade :

300gr  frozen blueberries
60gr    sugar
20gr    lemon juice
Place the ingredients in a pan and cook until 40c°.

5gr      pectin nh
15gr    sugar
Add to the fruit puree at 40c° and cook to boil for 1 minute.
Then place in a bowl, film to the surface and let cool in the fridge. When cooled, spread the marmelade on the madeleine cake and place in the freezer.

Lemon cream :

250gr  lemon juice
Bring to a boil.

250gr  sugar
310gr  eggs
25gr starch (cream powder or potato starch)
Mix together, add a 1/3 from the lemon juice and again the whole egg lemon mix to the lemon juice in the pan, bring to a boil while mixing with a whip. Set aside.

5gr    gelatin
25gr  water
Place the gelatin to soften in the water. Add to the lemon cream.

250gr cold butter
Cut in pieces and add to the lemon cream and blend with a hand mixer. Pour in a dish.
Set aside and allow to cool. With a cling film put the dish in the fridge. It will be thick.

Lemon Mousse :

500gr of the lemon cream
Place in KA and mix with flat beater in order to “relax” the cream.

3gr   gelatin
Hydrate the gelatin with water. Once soft, let it melt in a pan, take a bit of the lemon cream and mix with gelatin then pour the whole mix into the lemon cream and mix. Make sure that the T° of the lemon cream and gelatin isn’t too cold once you add it back to the lemon cream in the KA. If it did not dissolve well, place the KA on water bath and keep mixing until it’s homogeneous.

350gr  whipped cream
Add the whipped cream to the lemon cream, with a whip and then a spatula.
Put the mousse in a piping bag and nozzle.

Prepare your form:

Place a rhodoid sheet or baking baker inside the form. You can stick it with water on the inside of the form or fat spray.
Cut the madeleine cake with the form or knife, place it at the bottom of the form.
Then pipe some of the lemon cream. Then pipe the lemon cream etc..
We had 3 layers of madeleine cake and cream. Freeze.
I topped the cream with some glaze from Valrhona and some yellow colour. Just warm it up in a pan, I usually add a bit of water.
We surrounded the cake with a chocolate sheet, but you can cover the sides of the cake with some mousse left over, freeze it and just glaze the whole cake.


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