Patisserie School – Week 1

There I am in France, starting in a pastry school.
So far I gotta say, it’s nice, the people are very friendly, the area is beautiful, valleys, stream and reddish trees. We are at almost 900m in altitude so the air is pretty thin. I had to get used to it the first couple of days, it’s strange it doesn’t seem like much, but you still feel it a lot.

We have been very busy. After the first day, where I met the other students of our group, the teacher and got our Pâtissier case with whips, spatulas, thermometer, pastry roll, knives etc….
Up we go…first week of work: we made a pâte sucrée (sweet dough), pâte brisée, crème pâtissière, made a Flan pie, an apple pie, filled tiny pies with almond cream, made a ganache, use our sculptor talents for the miniardise (mini-pastries) while working with crème au beurre (butter cream), maroon cream, glazed them with white sugar fondant, ganache and brown fondant…..quite difficult actually. We made roses out of almond paste and tried to write and decorate mini pastries.

Taste with your eyes…..

Chef Xavier Brun showing how to write for cakes and starting to make a rose out of almond paste.

Filling the miniardise with almond cream. Then, coming out of the oven.

Glazing the miniardise with chocolate ganache.

Dome and Hedghog from the Chef.

My miniardise.

Making rose petals.

Making roses. That’s how a rose from a Chef looks like.

That’s how mine look like.

Apple pie raw.

Flan and apple pie.

All content and photographs © Fabienne Dauplay


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