Dessert: chocolate Sichuan pepper mousse, crème anglaise with kefir leaves, dark slaty crumble and chocolate meringue

This is a delicious dessert and a great basis to decline the mousse and the crème anglaise (custard) using various spices. You can prepare it in advance, a day before even, as the chocolate mousse is custard based, it does not contain raw eggs. The mousse is quite intense and thick which makes it very easy to spoon out. Bon appétit!

For 8
Make the mousse:
450 g whipped cream
You can start by whipping the cream and keep it in the fridge.

125g cream
125 g milk
50 g egg yolks
50 g sugar
1,5 tsp Sichuan pepper 
Vanilla (optional)

340 g dark chocolate (60-70%)

Then make the crème anglaise:
In a pan, pour the cream, the milk with the spices, here Sichuan pepper. Bring to a boil and let infuse for 45’ then sieve the pepper. Bring the cream and milk again to a boil.
Meanwhile, mix the eggs and the sugar.
Once the cream has boiled, reduce the heat on low heat (for example 3 on my induction plate), pour half the cream onto the eggs/sugar mix, and pour back into the pan. Always stir. While stirring, make a quick pause to observe the cream. Once it starts thickening, sticking to the spoon, it’s done. Pour the custard on the chocolate.

Mix the whipped cream to the chocolate and custard.

Crème anglaise Kefir leaves

Follow the same procedure as above
375g crème
375g lait
150g jaunes
75 sucre 
5 feuilles 

Crumble chocolat and Fleur de sel
Oven 170c° bake 15′

100g beurre
100g sucre roux 
104 farine
16 cacao poudre
80 almonds powder
1tsp Fleur de sel
Place all the ingredients and a bowl and mix until it forms a crumble, not a dough. Spread on baking paper.

Oven 100c°. Bake until dry (2 to 3 hours)

120g egg whites
120g sugar
100g powder sugar
20g chocolate powder
Sieve the chocolate powder and the powder sugar
In a Kitchen Aid whip the egg whites. Once they start foaming, pour the sugar in 3 times.
With a spatula, add the chocolate/powder sugar mix delicately in the egg whites.
Spread onto baking paper using a offset spatula.

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